Say NO to Child Support Court!

In 1 month, get to the bottom of the money issues -
and save yourself a bunch of money in the process.
Money you can use for your family.

Why show your friends and family that you're too immature to determine - and agree on - the needs of your children? You stand before a judge and let a stranger dictate what you must pay. Not a good look! 

So what's the problem? (If communication issues are driving you up a wall, click here).

You're asking for $1500 a month; he says he doesn't have it. When you were dating, before the two of you became parents, he told you he was bringing home $2000 a month. That leaves him $500 a month - you're sorry about the car payment and insurance but he can ride the bus! 

She said you could just buy diapers and formula until you got settled. Sooner or later you know you'll be back on your feet but you're not feeling all that drama. Besides, she lives with her mother - what's the problem? They can help her out until, well, until things get better. 

The reality is:

  • Nothing in life is free. Especially children. The joys of being a parent are too many to mention - little toothy grins, hands outstretched, those adorable hugs and kisses. But the responsibility of being a parent includes providing for them. 
  • Child support is not a battleground. Coparenting often brings with it a lot of blame, and sometimes a bit of shame. But child support is not where you play that out. Child support. Where parents responsibly determine how best to financially support their child.
  • You have a better chance of receiving equitable child support arrangements if your co-parenting support plan is already prepared when - and if - you get to court. The court system is designed to look at evidence, at facts. As responsible parents, the two of you can look at and agree on the truth.
  • In today's political and economic environment, broke is not what you want. For yourself or for your family. The world is upside down in just about every way. The one thing we know is that providing a financial legacy is becoming more and more important every day. 


In child support court, a magistrate or judge - someone who doesn't know you, doesn't understand your goals and your struggles and your desires for your family - looks at state or county guidelines. And based on that document, and how he or she feels that day (and based on what the other co-parent has or has not shared, based on how they feel that day) a decision is made. Is that working for you?

Things happen. Do you want to be able to have a conversation with the other parent, and reach a positive, constructive solution or do you want to be back in court, going through that same scenario, possibly robbing you and your children of any financial security in the future? Will that work for you?


In just THREE group coaching sessions -
completed in ONE MONTH to maintain your momentum - you will:

  *examine the actual costs which have to be met*

*examine how to cover those "nice to have" items*

*examine why the court system is not your friend*

* recognize "triggers" that get in the way of resolution*

*learn to think in "we" terms...not "I" or "me"*

*address frustration w/out drama*

What does this cost? I heard you on the one-to-one coaching fees. I got you! You'e coming off of summer camps, vacations, special classes, college visits - they ALL cost money.  Money is the #1 reason for coparenting and child support drama - Lord knows I don't want to be the cause of any more drama.

I feel your pain, so let's do this.
Build a legacy for your family and
Say No to Child Support Court. 

Say No to Child Support Court

What's the win? You - and your co-parent - will discover that you can work together on behalf of your children. You won't have that icky feeling that comes when an anonymous officer of the court tells you how much to pay and when to pay, while looking at you like you're in the dictionary under "deadbeat dad" or "trifling single mom". Because that's not who you are. #KidsNeed2 can help you draw up a support agreement that meets the best interests of your family. 

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The next session begins on Tuesday, October 24, so get your registration in ASAP. I want to make sure that the group is small enough for everybody to get their peace of the pie! If you watched the FB Live your special discount code is SUPPORTPREP. Enter the code when you register and you'll get $75 off the regular coaching fee.

Say No to Child Support Court

**Transform your co-parenting experience from Chaos to Communication**