"Working together as positive co-parents to support your children can determine whether they succeed academically and emotionally..."

  • More than 60% of incarcerated youth are raised by a single parent
  • More than 60% of suicidal youth are raised by a single parent
  • More than 78% of single fathers see their child once a week or less

So, it’s can be a struggle. Often, it’s an argument. It wears you down. You feel depressed more than anything. You know that it’s important for your child to see mom and dad working together, but you have no idea how to make that happen.

But…there’s a skill to successful co-parenting. Like anything else, once you know the process, and you begin to understand the real cost if you don't get it right, you can make it work. Schedule a free Discovery call so we can get started!

Coaching Services at #KidsNeed2 will give you…

  • the words to communicate in powerful and positive language, using proven verbal techniques

  • strategies to turn an argument into a quiet, focused conversation

  • words of “affirmation”  so you actually create a positive environment

  • tools to avoid the court-ordered child support nightmare, and create an agreement that works for both of you

  • methods for "bonus" family members, including step-parents, grandparents, and other blended family to support a positive co-parenting environment - no matter how the parents feel

  • a safe, empathetic space where you can connect with other single parents, working with tools and materials we provide

Not sure where to start? You start with a free consultation on a Discovery call, and together we reveal those problem areas. And then we work at it.

What's the win? Your child's self-esteem will improve, because they'll know that both mom and dad care enough to work together on his or her behalf. In school, they can focus on learning and stop worrying about all that drama...and if that other parent insists on drama-like behavior, you'll know how to deal with it and keep it moving. T

KidsNeed2 coaching provides the support and the strategies needed to maintain a peaceful environment for your children – and for you, as parents, to demonstrate a better way to be. All it requires is focus, a minimal cash outlay,
and a desire to change for the better.

KidsNeed2. Helping parents eliminate the drama and work together. Better.