I was blessed to attend a powerful event this morning, "Matters of the Heart" sponsored by Sisters4Sisters. Keynote speaker, Rhonda Monroe, shared her story of overcoming heart-related illness and changing her life to ensure that she was her number-one priority. Her testimony was powerful, and I look forward to hearing more from Ms. Monroe as she serves on the board of WomenHeart and finalizes her upcoming book.

When speaking, though, I was caught by her focus on Guarding the Heart. Without telling her story, she acknowledged that the matters of her heart - both physical and emotional - contributed to her heart as an organ failing her, over and over again. 

Positive co-parenting is a matter of the heart. Obviously you must love your children. You must have #TOPLove - That Other Parent Love, even if you don't like him or her. You must get past personal and focus on the #love that children need from and between both their parents. 

But don't get it twisted. In order to handle the Matters of your heart, you must Guard your heart. #KidsNeed2 is not an advocate of domestic violence - dealbreaker, fast and immediate. We don't honor chaos and drama. We are here to help you love a different way. We are not here to ask you to accept love in any 'ole kinda way. Men and women must remember to take care of themselves - you can't co-parent if your heart isn't beating - so they have the best of themselves to give to their children.

Stick with us as we look at child support issues in February. Love and child support? Healthy co-parents can make it work. We'll show you how.