What Do Single Parents Do When They Don't Have Enough?

This morning, before my "live" worship at my church, I watched the 8am service online from the First Baptist Church of Glenarden.  Rev. John Jenkins spoke on one of my favorite Scriptural passages, the story of the widow of Zarephath in II Kings.

My short, non-divinity school interpretation: the Widow of Zarephath carefully prepared a last meal in the midst of a famine, that she and her sons might "eat, and die". A prophet came to town, and told her that God said she was to provide him with water and food. And she does. He then told her to fill pots which were previously empty, and out of nowhere, provision was made. Over and over, until the rains came.


Rev. Jenkins delivered a powerful message with 3 powerful points. I will so not attempt to make that work. But I know that parents often want to provide their children with something for which they do not have the means.

But if you’re a single parent, and maybe the co-parenting piece is messy right now, it feels like you are the sole source of everything. You depend on yourself. If you can’t get it, it can’t be got

.Remember the widow. When you hear the voice of God making a "righteous request" of you, do it. (Not talking about foolishness, so learn the voice of God so you won't be played or misled). Sometimes the request may be yours, and God will answer with something that seems whack. Go back to the prior sentence - get clarity on whether you are hearing the voice of God. And if it is, do what was asked of you or follow the path laid before you. But know that in your obedience is your blessing. Your provision. What you need. God's got it. Learn that. Know that.

Don't take on the role of the pitiful single parent - male or female - because your daddy is the owner of all that is and all that was and all that will be.

Instead, model for your children that they will "Be in harmony and at peace with God. In this way you will have prosperity...". Show them that single or not, God is our ultimate provider. And he makes it work, every time!!