A New Holiday Flavor


The holidays are coming, and with all that ho-ho-ho and carols and candle-lighting and lots of food, comes a special little twinge for most single parents.

I’ve got lots to talk about over the holidays, but leading up to Thanksgiving, I’m spending a lot of time reviewing what worked for me and Dad as we tried to create a special holiday season for our sons when our relationship – and sometimes our lives – was as far away from special as one could get.

So before we get into all the gift giving and who should give what type of gift, and who gives on what day, I wanted to share something.

If you’re not Christian, I wouldn’t dismiss this; bet there’s something similar in the tenets of your faith.

This is pretty simple, actually.

The story of Jesus is about the son of God – who was God – coming to Earth to shed light on what was a hot mess, while providing a way for generations and generations and generations (you get the point) to live lives of salvation and hope for the future.

I know you got this.

Look at your children. Envision them as the carriers of light, brightening what was – or is – a mess of hurt feelings, disappointment, lies and pain. Recognize that they might be here to show you how to live a better life; to incorporate forgiveness, understanding “in spite of”, to turn generational curses around, to create new genetic memories, to be the hope of the future.

Now. Won’t it be easier to talk about who buys what? Try it.

Co-Parents Can Turn that Holiday Message Around

Co-Parents Can Turn that Holiday Message Around