"Empowering moms and dads to eliminate the drama and create a new co-parenting experience..."

Children make better strides in academics when they have the support of both mom and dad. Children are less likely to drop out, become involved in the juvenile justice system, become teen parents, use drugs and alcohol – when there are two parents invested in them, working together to help them reach their fullest potential.

Notice that we have said nothing about parents being married. Marriage is great – I firmly believe that marriage is intended to be a framework for the rearing of children – but if it isn’t there, it isn’t there. And let’s face it, in 2017 (and for the past, oh, say 10 years or so), marriage followed by children is not the growing trend. No judgment. Just fact.

KN2 is passionate about helping single parents work together – to co-parent – in the most positive vein possible. KN2 is not concerned about who left whom. Who didn’t want to marry whom. Who cheated. Who went to jail. Who has multiple sets of children. Who, on the surface, just doesn’t seem to give a damn.

Alexis Dobbins is passionately involved in the need for unmarried parents to engage constructively in support of their children. In other words, she wants moms and dads to talk to each other, nicely, to cooperate and remember that children deserve a life filled with two parents. Working together. To that end, she coaches and educates co-parents, giving them strategies and tools to make it work.

While pursuing a successful career in broadcast media, she intuitively knew that she needed to share the lessons learned while rearing her two male children and negotiating the rocky road of dealing with a non-custodial father. After transitioning to the social and community services arena, she began to focus on co-parents.

She is a Coaching and Mediation practitioner, and also certified to deliver curriculum from the Nurturing Fathers and Safe Streets programs; “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” relationship program; and the National Coalition Building Institute. Alexis has an M.S., Adult Education and Leadership with an emphasis on family education, and received awards for her work on African-American mothers and the impact of their parenting styles on male adolescent academic achievement.

Ms. Dobbins lives in suburban Maryland, where her newest love is being Gigi to her granddaughter, Tristen.

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